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The Current Date on Phenos is: Month 6, Year 14, 9th Age
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The Kingdoms MC is a medieval fantasy RPG server, with steampunk elements, that utilizes Minecraft as the primary portal for our player-run world. This wiki is meant to act as a readily accessible repository for all lore, history, and information pertaining to the server and the characters that inhabit it. This community is a collaborative environment that thrives off participation and therefore, we encourage all players to create entries for their characters, towns and nations. For a comprehensive tutorial on how to contribute to the wiki, please consult our array of wiki guides.

Wiki Rules
  1. Do not engage in vandalism, which includes but is not limited to, deleting content from pages without a justifiable reason, posting irrelevant content, or intentionally introducing incorrect information.
  2. Do not reference any information from the real world including people, places, religions, or events.
  3. No explicit content; this includes profanity, graphic images, or links to inappropriate websites.
  4. All entries must use proper spelling and grammar.
  5. Do not post personal information. This includes addresses, phone numbers, emails, and other sensitive data.
  6. Make thoughtful and constructive edits.

Current Events

Year 14, 9th Age

  • Arrival of the Devil's Kiss

Year 108, 8th Age

Year 100, 8th Age

  • First Lethonians return to Phenos

Year 57, 8th Age

  • The Inter-Planar conflict goes dark.

Year 56, 8th Age

  • The first known infection of the Blood Plague is reported in First Landing.